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I have always done well with C&E Interplastics granulates. You can rely on the qualities, typically Hanseatic.
— T. Edelmann, plastics trader

Product range

Plastics for every requirement

These products are available as 1A type goods, special items, residual items, offgrade, NT goods, regrind, recyclate, in industrial qualities or as regrind.

  • POM, Copolymer
  • POM, Homopolymer
  • Polyamid 6
  • Polyamid 6.6
  • ABS, SAN, PS
  • Polycarbonat
  • PMMA
  • PP, PE
  • Blends & Alloys
  • PBT, PET
  • Spezialitäten (PEI / PES / PPS)

    The product properties are variable depending on the purpose:

  • nonreinforced
  • reinforced
  • flame-retardant
  • heat-stabilized
  • colored

Molecular model of carbolic acid, better known as phenol, a starting material for the production of plastics.

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